Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A Weekend Out to Partizan

Partizan Main Hall
This past weekend we had a wonderful time travelling up to Newark to see the sights and take in Partizan.

Sidney Roundwood acted as our chauffeur, whisking us from Roundwood Towers up to Newark - a drive in which I would have been highly stressed if I had to undertake myself, so thank you again Sidney for taking that on.

The British Civil Wars
We visited the newish National English Civil War museum located in the centre of Newark. I was initially struck by how relatively small it was, but this was aswaged by the quality of the exhibits. I particularly liked the special exhibit on 15/16th century medicine, especially the books and wheelchair of Sir Thomas Fairfax and the plague doctor's creepy regalia. 
Campaign Boots of Sir Thomas Fairfax
Sir Thomas' Wheelchair that he used later in life                
Curt the Plague Doctor
We stayed at a wonderful B&B called 'The Lions' and had excellent fair at both the 'Prince Rupert' pub and 'The Rushton'. All highly recommended.

On Sunday, after a leisurely English breakfast we meandered our way to the George Stephenson Hall which hosted the Partizan show. I really have nothing to compare it with but I thought it was a wonderful event - well attended, efficiently run and with many tempting things to see and buy.
The Bloggers' Meet-Up at Partizan
There was a bloggers meet-up in the early afternoon arranged by Pete (Panzer Kaput) - thanks Pete! I had the pleasure to meet up with a few old salts from the Painting Challenge and make some new acquaintances as well. I great occasion and a fine bunch of people.
Ian showing us his amazing 6mm Greeks

6mm Madness  
 After Partizan a few of us retired to 'The Prince Rupert' for a few drinks and excellent fair to match the company.
The Post-Partizan Pub Visit (Tamsin serving as Photographer)
Below is the results of my somewhat modest shopping from Partizan, including a few lovely pieces of 'Curtgeld'.
Some Partizan Loot to Ship Home  
Kara, Indy and 'The Obliterator'      
Lovely OtterHounds from Dave (which look very similar to our 'Oscar')
Great momentoes from a wonderful weekend in Newark!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

The 2016 Invasion of Europe

We're just packing up the zeppelin for our spring vacation so things may be a little quiet at Analogue Hobbies for the next few weeks.

Calling the Hanks-Campbell party...
We will be staying at Roundwood Towers for our first few days in the UK. Sidney and I plan to be in Newark for Partizan this upcoming weekend, for which I'm very excited about. I understand there is a blogger's meetup scheduled for the afternoon. If any of you plan to be at the show please look for a tall fellow with close-cropped hair and a silly-yet-strangely-fetching van dyke beard.  That won't be me - I'll be the guy next to him...  ;}> 

After the UK we're off to take Paris and after that we'll be heading south for a couple of weeks making a nuisance of ourselves in Provence. Our final leg will see us enjoying the Malaga/Granada region before a final few days of carousing in Madrid. 

I may try to blog a bit on the hoof. That is if I can figure out how to do it on my iPad without completely snapping my crayons. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Landsknechts Arquebusiers, Group Two - Work in Progress

Spring has been a little shy this year, but has finally made its appearance. Hallelujah! So while I've been making the best of enjoying the outdoors I have managed to get few more Landsknechts done for my upcoming arquebusier unit.

These four lads are Perry-sculpted 28mm models from Wargames Foundry. 

I still find the 'anything goes' styling of Landsknecht clothing to be a little daunting. Nonetheless, I've found that once I get a fix on a colour combination it usually comes together alright.

Of this group, I think the fellow with the white and pink sleeves and hose is my favourite. 

You have to figure that this guy has to be a pretty hard case to pull-off that getup...

Just one more group and I can get them based up. Hooray!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

28mm Foundry Landsknecht Arquebusiers - Work in Progress

I'm currently working on a Landsknecht arquebus unit for my Italian Wars project. The going is rather slow, but I'm plodding along at a fairly steady pace.  Nonetheless, I thought I'd post a few work-in-progress pics of the first four gunners of the group. 

I'm having fun with their riotous clothing, but I must say after doing a few figures my mind starts to turn to mush trying to think of interesting colour combinations. All I can say is thank goodness for Pinterest for providing a bewildering assortment of Landsknechts images  - I think I'd run out of ideas without some outside inspiration.

I have no idea if the trippy painted woodstocks are historically accurate, but I've seen them on other sites so I'm running with it.

There will probably be around 16 figures in the unit, all on a single base similar to my other units. I'll post the next set when they're done.

Have a great week everyone!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Tribute to Dave - Corporal Docherty, Sergeant Millsy & The Shovel of Doom

The last Tribute for my Painting Challenge assistants is for Dave Docherty, our prized 'Wednesday Minion' (who also doubled as our peerless Sultan of the Sudan). Dave has been a long-time supporter of the Challengehaving been in the scrum since its second incarnation (the 'Year of the Vikings', I believe), so I was delighted to have hiassisting me with the circus this time out. He's a great trooper, that Mr. D.

Originally I was going to do-up a single figure, the fellow seen here leading with the pipe - but while I was preparing the figure an idea came along which made me modify my plan and allowed me to have a bit more fun with the composition.

As many of you know, this year Dave created a funny story-line featuring himself, Millsy and, the close friend of every infantryman, a shovel. In Dave's story the imperious 'Major Docherty' harangues a hapless 'Corporal Millsy', who's only expertise it seems to be in the digging of latrines.  As I was working on Dave's 'tribute'it dawned on me that it might be fun to expand upon his story of the doughty Docherty, the maniacal Millsy and the Shovel of Doom. So I converted another figure to accompany the first and wrote a brief flight of fancy, an un conte, which mixes a Moorcock-esque premise with a dash of Black Adder magic-realism.


'C'mon Corporal Docherty, keep up. We're late.'

'Remind me again, Sergeant Millsy, why do I have to lug around this bloody shovel?'

'Well, first, I outrank you this time out, and if you'll remember dear heart, it was I who had to use that thing instead of a proper lance in our last outing, when we were in The Valley. Do you remember? I had a hell of a time whacking away at those Frenchies with that blasted shovel. Granted, it does have a wicked edge on it and '



'They were Russians, Millsy, you addled git. We were allied with the French, fighting the nasty Russians. Mind you, even Raglan, that inbred one-armed antique, couldn't keep it straight...'

'Oh, yes I remember now. You know, after that scrap in that frightful Belgian farmyard I can never get my head wrapped around the idea of the Frogs being on our side... Anyway, no matter, it's your bloody turn Corporal Docherty. You know the rules - one stripe, one shovel, one battle.'

'Right. You're quite right... So, where are we off to this time Sergeant Millsy? It's blasted hot and what in God's name is that infernal racket? It's giving me a headache. It sounds like a bloody train is about to take station over that ridge.

'I don't know what the sound is, but I can tell you that we're marching to fall in with the lads of the 24th. The poor sods have that idiot Chelmsford bossing them about so they need all the help they can get. They're all near that hill over yonder. Damn, what's it called again? It's a odd, foreign-sounding name... Ah yes, I rememberIsandwana

Now, hurry up...'


Thank you very much for all your help Dave. I hope you like this little vignette and thanks for indulging me on my little departure on your original story. :)